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スプライン : 13 / 18.8 mm 実測 (19 mm 弱)
ステアリング3本留め : PCD 1.75" (44.45 mm)
ステアリングスクリュー穴径 : 6 mmφ

リライアント Scimitar to 1969TR4 & TR4A TR6トライアンフ ヘラルドトライアンフ ビテスTVR 全モデル to 1969スピットファイヤー to 1978GT6 to 1968ロータス エリート MK2ロータス エラン Elan 2 +2 to 1972ロータスヨーロッパ to 1973ロータス 7 and スーパー 7ケイターハム 全モデルマーコス 1600, 3 litre and マンチュラ


Caterham Quick Release Steering Wheel Column Includes Quick Release Boss
Simple And Effective To Use
Maintains Light Weight Philosophy In Track Or Competition
Attaches Through 3 Bolt Pattern
The Caterham Quick Release Steering Column Includes Quick Release Boss for swift removal and refitting of steering wheels in tight cockpits.

The Steering Column itself attaches to the existing positions on the steering rack and the spline is specific to the Caterham quick release boss supplied with the kit. The boss is supplied with a 3 bolt fixing pattern which attaches to the quick release mechanism through a bearing system providing smooth and positive steering feedback. The quick release mechanism is a simple and quick method of removal simply pull and remove, or push onto the spline and into place.

This item is an ideal addition if your cockpit is particularly tight or you move in and out regularly and find the steering wheel an obstruction.

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